Little Tweaks

At our hose and at other places there is little things that are different from the U.S. Here are some of them. The plugs are a different shape You drive on the left… Continue reading

Kaleb and I

Kaleb and I

🙂 🙂 🙂

Starring You Guys

Out of all the places i have talked about, which one would you want to go to most? To answer this question comment on this post. Write which place, how you would want… Continue reading

Powerhouse Museum

Today we took the bus to the Powerhouse Museum. I swear they have every kind of transportation, biking, walking, taking the bus, scooters, ripstiks, ferry’s, the monorail and even a taxi system. Anyways they had… Continue reading

Cockatoo Island

Today we went to a place called cockatoo island. At first we were going to go to china town but avi had thrown up so we decided to go to the opera house… Continue reading

The play ground

The play ground

This is kaleb and I on the spinner thing at the playground. Everything was wet so we were having a contest to see who could stay on the longest.

Exploring the city

This may not be very interesting but yesterday we went to Temple Emanuel for shabbat services. It was a special one because all they did was sing. Earlier we took our first trip to the… Continue reading

Taronga Zoo

A few days ago we went to the Taronga zoo. We took the ferry to get there and saw the sydney opera house off the side of the boat. We took the skylift… Continue reading

Arriving in sydney

Sorry I couldn’t update for so long we had trouble getting internet connection. From San Francisco we took a 14 hour flight to the sydney airport. The time difference on the plane was… Continue reading

Hi everyone, we…

Hi everyone, were in san fansisco about to get on the plane to austrailia. give som interesting stuff soon.