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Birchgrove uniforms :)

Birchgrove uniforms :)

The Australian Museum

Today we skipped school since we had gala day which is where everyone plays a sport and i’m terrible at most of the options. Anyways we took a trip to the Museum which… Continue reading


Today at school years five, six and two did a flashmob after the school concert. It was really funny because we did it to party rocking and this guy in or class started… Continue reading

What’s going on in Life

In school we are doing this thing called Peer support or something where we learn basically the basics of teaching and then teach a group of kids about bullying or something like that.… Continue reading


Today I went to school, yup that’s right i went to school. It was really confusing. They have this morning snack which they call recess and our kind of recess is just part of… Continue reading

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Magnetic island!

Baby koala

At the koala sanctuary there was a baby koala!

News Flash

On monday we are going on a three hour flight to Magnetic Island for a seven day vacation. We are going to go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. We might not have… Continue reading

Climbing Trees

In Australia they have the best climbing tree’s ever!!! They are really old and smooth. They are also humongo. Me and, sorry Kaleb and I have been waiting till dark and then climbing in the… Continue reading