New Years

Sorry i haven’t been posting lately. I have been really busy with the end of school and stuff like that. I actually counted how many events we had two and a half weeks before the end of school and came up with 15. Anyways, Australians are as crazy about new years as Americans are about the fourth of july. Actually, crazier. So I went to my friend laurens house at five because we were going to see the fireworks together. We went swimming in her pool (even though had already gone swimming that day). Then we had dinner which consisted of six pieces of garlic bread and honey soy chicken wings.  Lauren is diabetic so she has to have a exact amount of carbs. If you have no idea what i’m talking about look it up, it is really interesting. We went to Ballas Point park to see the fireworks and there were at least five thousand people there. There are two firework shows the nine o’clock and the twelve o’clock. We saw both we played a huge game of 44 homes with all the people from our school that were there (which was fun) and we also ran away from them (which was fun). The fire works were really awesome(they were over the harbor bridge) and by the time they were done you couldn’t see the bridge it was so covered in smoke. BTW, school is out and were having our “summer vacation”.