The Blue Mountains

During the holidays we went to the Blue Mountains. When we were in the mountains we went to a place called Scenic before going to the backpackers lodge where we were staying. At Scenic we took a skyway to see a rock formation called the three sisters. We also rode the steepest/fastest train which seemed very unsafe since it had no bels and you could fall out the sides be cause there were no doors.That was pretty fun. Then we went o the lodge. It was nice because there were no other backpackers there so we had the lodge to ourselves. In the evening my leg started hurting and we realized I had pulled a ligament. In the morning I couldn’t walk so I piggy backed on my mom to a place where you could feed the birds every day. That was probably the best part of the trip because we got to feed bright red and blue birds and bright orange and green birds. I will try to remember to post pictures of the birds. I missed out on a hike that day but when i could finally walk we went to the caves. We took a tour and saw some really cool rock and crystal formations. Afterwards we had a picnic at a lake and saw a wild platypus. That was extremely awesome. On the way back we saw a really nice waterfall and then explored a local town and got new shoes. When we got back we moved into a new house. We’re staying in the new house for the rest of the year.