Bush Camp

I have been away all week at Ozzy bush camp. It was really fun, but i got a bad splinter. We did a ton of really awesome activities like a giant swing. If you don’t know what that is, it’s like being harnessed in to a giant swing being pulled to the highest you can be and then dropping all the way and swinging. If your really confused look it up on youtube. The first night we played commando. That was really fun exept most people fell in the mud puddles. I didn’t but i figured that was because i had already gotten a splinter so i had used up all my bad luck. Anyways my favorite part was when we took a “field trip” to the rainforest where we did a hike and the we drove to the sand dunes which were so beuatiful i just wanted to sit down and meditate. There was this on sand dune where we spent the most time and it was huge. You would walk up on one side of the sand dune and come down on the other. You could roll or run down the dune but the most fun way to get down was to jump of the top and then land straight up about halfway down. It was so fun. My friend Lauren is diabetic, type one so she had to eat dinner at six and Cerys and I got to come with her to wait so we got to take showers early. Ther ewere two activities where you got wet. The first one was raft building. What you did was you were divided into teams and then given materials and you had to make the design. Then the teams race the rafts. The water was freezing cold and I fell off a few times. The second activity where we got wet was called lost island. Lost island was basically a bunch of obstacles filled with mud and water. The mud was very stinky. The mud/water was also very cold. There as this one thing where everyone had to hold hands and go under this log that was floating on the water one at a time without letting go. I couldn’t stop shivering the whole time. That was actually pretty fun but it was also gross and cold. Wasn’t my favorite activity. I could go on forever about camp but all in all it was awesome.