Exploring the city

This may not be very interesting but yesterday we went to Temple Emanuel for shabbat services. It was a special one because all they did was sing. Earlier we took our first trip to the library and each got our own library card. There was this competition where you write a story or poem on the topic winter. Kaleb and I are doing it, but we both wrote about snow and stuff that they don’t get in Australia. Were hoping the judges know what it is! Here is my poem:

Winter Flowers

Early morning, waking up

Outside my window

Falling Flowers

They are so small

None the same

So pure, so white

They fall from the sky

How is this possible?

It’s never happened before

Everything covered in flowers

Everything white

Even the Sky

I feel one

They are cold

Cold flowers?

I try to catch them

I love them

These Winter Flowers

Anyways we found this really cool playground with things that are actually dangerous! I’m going to try to post a picture of part of it. But it may not work so don’t get your hopes up.