Cockatoo Island

Today we went to a place called cockatoo island. At first we were going to go to china town but avi had thrown up so we decided to go to the opera house instead because it was closer. We got on the ferry and it went in the wrong direction; we ended up on cockatoo island. It turned out to pretty cool actually. It was the 18th bienalle or something so there was around 75 art exhibits. We didn’t even get close to seeing them all but the ons we did see were cool. There was one where this lady had taken all different types of cloth and sewn on buttons and magnets and you were supposed to take the cloth and make outfits. Another was where this guy had taken a steel box about 12x4x6 feet and used a laser tool to make patterns and designs in the steel. While we were looking at that, my favorite exhibit turned on; it was a huge mist maker that was so good you couldn’t see your hands unless they were in front of your face. Kaleb and I played sneak up on each other it was really fun because it was more like bump in to each other and still be not able to see each other. We saw the sunset on the ferry home, here is a picture of it.Image