New Years

Sorry i haven’t been posting lately. I have been really busy with the end of school and stuff like that. I actually counted how many events we had two and a half weeks… Continue reading


Hi everyone, I just want to know what everyone is going to be for halloween. If you want to tell me just comment on this post to tell me.

The Blue Mountains

During the holidays we went to the Blue Mountains. When we were in the mountains we went to a place called Scenic before going to the backpackers lodge where we were staying. At… Continue reading

My Birthday Party




My friend Anna came over for birthday cake!

Cookabura stares in the old gum tree

Cookabura stares in the old gum tree

Cookabura stares in the old gum tree
Scary, Scary king of the bush is he
Stare Cookabura, stare Cookabura
Boring your life must be

The Sydney Opera House

Today we saw a show at the sydney opera house. The tickets were a birthday present forme and my brother. It was so cool actually being to a place that i had learned… Continue reading

Bush Camp

I have been away all week at Ozzy bush camp. It was really fun, but i got a bad splinter. We did a ton of really awesome activities like a giant swing. If you don’t know what… Continue reading

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Yay, todays my birthday. I’m bringing in rainbow cupcakes to school!


This weekend our family took a trip to Canberra, a city close to Sydney. We were visiting a friend of my moms while we explored the place. It was a lot colder than… Continue reading